Our Reports

Cover Your Assets Home Inspections, LLC provides detailed yet easy to read and understand reports after every inspection. I explain the problem, why it is a problem and most importantly I make recommendations on how to fix the problem. I include numerous photos that include arrows, circles and explanations so you can see what I am seeing. I also use an easy color coded system so you can see the difference between a minor maintenance issues, repair or replace items, or an important safety item.

Cover Your Assets Home Inspection Report

The following link will provide an example of one of my detailed reports. The following report is an actual report that was completed after an actual inspection; the notes, pictures and recommendations are real and a true example of the product you will receive.

Download a Sample Report

Inspection Request

Our automated contact system is down for maintenance.

Until our system is back up, please contact Mike directly:

Call or text: 703-395-2753
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