What to Expect

When you call Cover Your Assets Home Inspections, LLC you can expect:

  • You will get my service... You get a qualified and professional home inspector that cares about you and the product I provide.
  • I will probably arrive early to the site. If I am not 10 minutes early, I consider myself late. However I also understand that there are things I cannot control. If circumstances arise that force me to arrive late, I will call. If at any time before our inspection I suspect a difficulty in starting the inspection on time, I will call.
  • I will spend as much time as needed to do the job. I encourage you to not only join me on the inspection but to ask questions as well. You are considering buying the house I am inspecting, I completely understand you wanting to know everything you can about it.
  • I make every effort to leave the property as I found it. It is respectful to treat others homes how I want mine treated. However, if I find an unsafe / dangerous situation, I will do what I can to ensure it cannot harm anyone.

Inspection Request

Our automated contact system is down for maintenance.

Until our system is back up, please contact Mike directly:

Call or text: 703-395-2753
Email: Mike@CoverYourAssetsInspections.com